Protronics Inc
1530 N Country Rd
Wading River, NY

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ProTronics is a AS9120 certified full service distributor.

ProTronics has leading edge test systems to meet rigorous quality standard.

Our testing procedures ensure that every part that passes through our site process is thoroughly tested by the technical staff.

Test and Inspection
Passive in-circuit testing
Orientation testing
Shorts and opens
Low-voltage / Run-at-speed
Multi-functional testing
Fast turn-around
Engineering and technical expertise
Test diagnosis
Off-line analysis time
Accuracy of repair
Test Equipment
Our test equipment is qualified to meet industry specifications. We consistently utilize custom modeling and tests to reach the highest possible test coverage.

X-Ray Technology Systems
Utilizes the high performance Glenbrook Technologies real-time X-Ray Technology System as an effective advanced inspection tool.

It is the only system not subject to voltage blooming. It measures BGA solder joint integrity and other leadless packages that cannot be inspected by conventional vision systems.
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